Razing Old Homes In Paradise Valley Arizona

Many Paradise Valley residents fear the recent trend of razing old homes…

The Arizona Republic reports that some long-time residents of Paradise Valley are not happy with all the teardowns of older homes in favor or huge new houses that block views and take up more of the open desert. About 75 to 100 luxury homes in Paradise Valley are built each year, many of those tear-downs. 

Buyers wanting large houses find the town, with its large lots, mountain views and close proximity to Phoenix and all of it’s amenities (including major sports teams, arts and culture venues, and more) an attractive location. A typical one-acre lot in PV could accommodate up to a 10,890 square foot home. This tear-down trend is now spreading to parts of Scottsdale and Arcadia at an alarming rate. As teardowns continue, residents are becoming much more vocal about preserving the lifestyle that they originally bought into and have come to love. In the coming weeks the Town of PV will begin a series of hearings to examine  these concerns and the future of Paradise Valley Arizona.

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